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mehestia's Journal

Hestia Jones
15 April
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Name: Hestia Jones
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: 15 April 1960
Astrological Sign: Aries
Bloodline: Pureblood
House / Year: Hufflepuff/ Graduated
Affiliation: None yet
Wand: Ivy, Dragon Heartstring, 8"
Favorite color: blue and yellow

Hestia is 5'4 although you'd never notice with the heels she wears. She is quite petite in stature which gave her the nickname of mouse amongst her some of her peers at Hogwarts during her school days. She has straight, shoulder length black hair with bluntly cut bangs, emulating one of her style icons, Betty Paige. Her smilng, dark brown eyes are her most noticed feature although somewhat hidden behind a pair of horn rimmed glasses. She is otherwise quite plain and happily so, not one to enjoy that kind of attention. Her diminutive appearance often has people pegging her as a pushover at first glance. It's an impression that Hestia is glad to prove wrong.

Hestia is honest almost to a fault. She is blunt and can sometimes get in trouble for speaking her mind. She has a sharp little sense of humour and loves to make people laugh. She loves muggle culture and can at times get quite defensive about it but for the most part is relatively laid back. Although quite shy in her first few years at Hogwarts Hestia used her newfound love of the arts to help her become more social and though she has never been necessarily popular she is definitely well liked by most people she meets.

If anyone knows that purity of blood doesn't determine your worth it's Hestia Jones. When Hestia was only 2 years old, she was taken from her house in the middle of the night by her brother Jon, 7 years of age, and brought by knightbus to the house where their muggle Aunt Claire lived. The next day the newspapers in both Muggle and Magical households were emblazoned with similar headlines, after all it isn't everyday that a father of two murders his wife in cold blood and then ends his own life. Too young to remember anything, Hestia knows Claire as her mother until her brother returns from his first year at Hogwarts not wanting to go back after being taunted about his past by a group of slytherin boys. Claire tells Hestia what she knows about the truth of that fateful night and tells both children that it isn't what happens in life that shapes you but how you choose to do about it.
Hestia is deeply effected by this information and tries to live her life as honestly and as fully as she can. She is very close to her brother and they are both extremely loyal to their Aunt and share a love for Muggle culture as a result of their upbringing. Although shy and awkward during her first year at Hogwarts, Hestia finds a niche in the Arts program and over the years becomes a recognizable and friendly face amongst peers. She doesn't have much of a romantic life throughout school as she finds boys make better playmates than play things.
After graduation Hestia spent a few months travelling throughout Europe with her brother John and is currently working as a secretary at the ministry.

Hufflepuff Aries have an extreme abundance of energy; however, the usual Hufflepuff tendency to work hard out of duty is modified by the Aries tendency to value play over work. Therefore, expect long periods of playfulness and seeming indolence punctuated by brief, manic bursts of industry. These Hufflepuffs may also be more ambitious and socially aggressive than average, making them clear leaders in their House. Their emotional warmth, open hearts, madcap sense of humour, and quirky independence will endear them to many people, but their naivete makes for easy exploitation by more ruthless sorts of people.

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